Do you know how to choose a cheese?

Imagine arriving to a shopping center and faces a full table of cheeses. Want to choose a quality cheese but do not know what criteria to be taken into account. If you review this situation, then this article was written with you in mind.

  • - Give preference to certified products. If the product does not have any certification mark means the place where it was made does not operate under the rules of Quality Management System.
  • - It is important to check the appearance of the product: the color of the cheese whey, and in the case of this being sliced, it has no holes. If serum is milky rather than clear and slightly yellowish, the product was poorly conserved and poorly handled. The cheese in good consumption condition has smell and taste the milk, slightly acid and firm texture. If the product is softened with sweet taste and spoiled milk, should not be consumed;

- After purchase, back home the cheese should be removed from the container, drained all the serum and then placed in a container wrapped with plastic wrap. This prevents the growth of yeast in the bark that give the cheese a luscious look and shorten the period of validity;