Located in Fornos de Algodres, the Cheese Shop of Ilídio dedicated to the production of regional cheeses, high quality, with the seal of the demarcated region of Serra da Estrela.

Originating in a family business, which crossed generations, the company has followed the sector innovations and the growing demands of the market, combining technology and innovation, the traditional process of cheese production.

Serra da Estrela is the highest mountain in continental Portugal with a height of 2000 meters, where snow falls often, being by itself an interest tourist location. It consists of a set of valleys and mountains, with a very specific micro-climate as well as densely populated, where various pastoral areas of cattle can be found (herds of sheep and goats), but in the past the region had a much denser population and every family exploited the herds of sheepand goats, that were the main source of their sustainability.

When milk first became a part of sheperd’s whom still keep the human diet, during the neoli tradition of manufacturing sheep this period, six centuries B.C. the and goat cheese from raw milk in vessels used to coagulate the milk the Serra da Estrela region, adding were very rudimentary (some remants of these wessels were found in archeological excavations in the municipality of Fornos de Algodres).